What Do I Do with a Probate House?

Have you ever heard of a house near you going into probate? It can be intimidating to have a probate house passed down to you through a family member of friend who has passed away unexpectedly. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to handle your probate house by yourself while you’re still mourning your loved one. Follow these few steps to make your probate process stress-free.

Care for the House

The first step of taking care of a house in probate will be to maintain the state of the home. This should be pretty natural since you’ll likely be going through the possessions of your passed loved one anyways. Make sure that you regularly clean and organize the house to keep it in good condition. You should also consider paying for at least some of the utilities to make cleaning easier and to give the house a lived-in look. If there are lights on in the home, it will look like someone is living there and dissuade anyone from breaking into the property.

Go to Probate Court

While you’re in the process of maintaining and taking care of the house, you’ll need to start to go to probate court. When a home goes into probate, it isn’t legally passed down to an inheritor, meaning that it is temporarily owned by the probate court and government until that issue can be resolved. If you want to regain the rights for the home, you’ll need to go to probate court. Luckily, there are lawyers and judges there that are prepared to help you with those issues. Just be aware that those legal processes could take a few months or even a few years.

Sell to a Cash Buyer

If taking constant care of the house isn’t very convenient for you, and if you aren’t interested in obtaining the rights to own the property, you should consider selling your probate house to a cash buyer. Cash buyers will purchase any property, no matter the condition, for a full cash payment. This can be a quick and painless solution to your problem of maintaining the probate house. Plus, then you can get a full cash payment that you’ll be able to use to help your family.

So, if you ever find yourself with a probate house on your hands, make sure that you keep these steps in mind. If you have a house in probate, you should maintain and care for the house, and pay a visit to probate court. Then, if you want a way to avoid the issues of a probate house, sell to a cash buyer instead.

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